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Many men go crazy for the Polskis. They take care of themselves, dress well and have a variety of hair colours from light blonde to jet black. That said, the locals are hard to crack. Polish society is relatively conservative for the region. One night stands are not common and even getting a kiss takes patience. They will screen you like crazy, so take the time to warm them up. In reality, your Polish flag will be easier to get in any other city, unless you have a bit of time here. Alternatively, there are a fair few tourist chicks around looking for cock.

Main Square, Kraków (Rynek Główny)

We wanted to find a sketchable location which we could easily fly to from Edinburgh and Krakow was the winner. Krakow has an absolutely stunning Old Town built around a large square — Rynek Glowny which has the long elaborate Cloth Hall in the middle of it. Krakow also contains an impressive castle — Wawel Castle — which is very significant historically.

While Esther finished off her sketch, I did this one of the corner of the Cloth Hall. The Cloth Hall — from the comfort of a cafe table. A direct watercolour sketch of the tower as seen through the colonnade of the Cloth Hall — at a restaurant!

Take advantage of the long days by exploring Akershus Castle, dating back to the s, and admire the artwork and picturesque views at Ekebergparken Sculpture Park. Krakow, Poland, is the.

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Falling in Love with Polish Vodka

Weather Widgets Weather Lowdown Looking at the annual weather average s for Krakow, it shows temperatures and rainfall similar to those found in the UK during the month of June. You’ll still want to bring along a medium to light-weight jacket to wear out and about in the evening hours after the sun goes down. You may also want to bring along sunglasses as well, as the area gets an average of 6. Even though the days are getting warmer and longer, the rainfall chances increase this month.

Dating back to the 13th century, the Main Square in Krakow is one of the largest medieval squares in Europe. Surrounded by the most beautiful historic townhouses and churches, the main building dominating the skyline is the Cloth Hall and the gothic towers of St Mary’s Basilica.

St Stanislaw Procession 13 May Venue: This is a big religious festival in this predominantly Christian country, and thousands of devotees join the procession every year. Throughout Cracow Juwenalia is a go-for-broke carnival in Cracow when students take over the city for four days and three nights, with street dancing, fancy-dress parades, masquerades and lots of carousing. The fun starts when the mayor hands over the keys to the city in the main market square on Friday.

Lajkonik Pageant June Venue: The parade starts at a church in Zwierzyniec and is accompanied to the Main Market Square by loud music and dancing. Polish girls wear wreaths of flowers with a lighted candle in the centre and then throw them into the Visitula River. According to folklore, if the wreath comes back to shore, the girl will never marry, if it sinks, she will die young and if it flows down the river, she will be married and be happy.

Thankfully, it is a fast flowing river and most girls go away happy. There is also live music and a fireworks display. Jewish Culture Festival Website Venue: The cobbled streets throng with revellers, who dance the night and day away to a mix of traditional and modern music.

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Weekend Trips Outside Krakow Vol. Below, we assembled a few of the more interesting and beautiful spots of the region, perfect for a weekend getaway. The countryside often tends to be more rich in cultural values and astonishing historic al curios than the large and vibrant cities. One example is example Zubrzyca Dolna, a small village right in the heart of the Orawski Ethnographic Park.

Daniel Lissing and co-star Erin Krakow – Jack and Elizabeth – went for five seasons of romance & dating until finally, the fictional characters tied the knot in March The on-screen wedding was a beautiful ceremony surrounded by their closest friends and family in Hope Valley.

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Grindavik, Iceland Grindavik, Iceland Find a sense of peace within the natural healing powers of this coastal Icelandic city.

Krakow City Break – 4 Nights

Read on our article about Krakow bagel! Here is a quick history of the doughy delight so you can quiz your friends when serving them up at home. There is documentation of bagels dating back years; originally being something only baked at Lent, it is now a treat sold on every corner. Over , of these are eaten each day in the summer so give it a taste but be sure to find a warm one.

Polish vodka makes the perfect addition to any night out in Krakow, or dinner, lunch or even breakfast for that matter (or driving the car, operating heavy plant machinery) just don’t be sad if you can’t keep up with your local hosts.

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Kinmont Latin Restaurant

Chat Poland has an amazing variety of scenery – beautiful coastal beaches and dunes, lake districts carved out by glaciers, flat plains, lush forests, mountains including the only Table Mountains in Europe and even a desert region. The north coast of Poland is dominated by sand — fine, clean and more beautiful than that found in the Mediterranean.

The wide Baltic beaches run beneath high cliffs and along spits, and behind them, the sand forms dunes. Between the Baltic coast and the rest of the country is a belt of lakes.

The chat on bars starts off with Kazimierz. The reason for this is that it is the BEST place in Krakow for a night out. The reason for this is that it is the BEST place in Krakow for a night out. Bohemian, lively and bursting with life – t here is nowhere quite like it.

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21 Polish Foods You Need to Try That Aren’t Pierogi

The combination of extremely different creative personalities and two extremely different styles. Mural covers the facade of a former cosmetics factory. This work was created on the initiative of residents of the estate and the President of the construction company. It shows, how strong is the social need to transform the surrounding reality through art. Originally, this monumental work was created because of the ecological bistro in the building unfortunately the restaurant does no exist now.

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The station placed entirely under the platforms is situated in the city centre. The station is accessible: There you can find trams no. From Pawia street, in front of Galeria Krakowska, there are trams no. The taxi rank is situated in the car park above the platforms level 1. At the station there are 28 ticket windows offering services of all carriers.

Toilets are open 24 hours a day. Security employees and train staff also help people having difficulties with entering and leaving a train. Access and availability of the station The facility has been adapted for the disabled. This route can also be used by the disabled persons, who arrive at the station in motor vehicles left in the car park under the platforms.

The station is equipped with floor markings for blind and visually impaired people to facilitate moving around the building. There are 15 escalators and 10 lifts that facilitate movement between the station level and platforms.

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Poland Travel Guide Poland has grown into a successful country swathed in history and culture, and is a true testament to the people of Poland and all they have accomplished. Its endless scenery, national parks and nature reserves keep tourists booking flights to Poland each year. Many travelers booking Poland flights take a day of remembrance and pay their respects at nearby concentration camps before moving on to explore the cultural lifestyle including music, theater and literature that keeps Poland moving ahead.

Whether your trip takes you to the old city of Krakow or present-day Warsaw, booking flights to Poland will leave travelers wanting more from this fascinating country. Summers in Poland average temperatures of 66 degrees and get hotter the farther inland you go. Winters can be extremely cold, especially inland from the Baltic coast, where temperatures average 23 degrees in Warsaw.

With a history dating back to the ancient Roman period when it was known as “Aquae Isae,” the town, health resort and spa of Varazdinske Toplice is known for its dedication to the treatment of orthopedic and rheumatic diseases.

More Polish Holidays Poland is a large country in the heart of Europe, and offers tourist a wide variety of cultural and outdoor adventures. Poland’s culture has rapidly changed, ever since their freedom from the overbearing foreign rule of communism for centuries. Poland has several tourist attractions to enjoy, like ancient castles, historic churches, medieval villages, and beautiful forests.

Whether you will vacationing or taking a business trip to Poland, it is a good idea to learn the gift giving customs in Poland before visiting, especially if you will have an opportunity to exchange gifts. When receiving a gift, it should be opened immediately. When giving a gift of flowers make sure to give an odd number of flowers, and they should be unwrapped before being given to the recipient.

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