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Actually they have some interaction and maybe that’s why the fan especially the one that make the rumor is a little bit delusional. Plus, we don’t know whether they interact off the camera or not. Both of them are from SM after all and can meet in the building. But I doubt about it since both group are busy right now. Maybe they are just best friend since Chanyeol and Joy are friendly to many people. Therefore, I think this one about Chanyeol and Joy are purely delusional story created by the first circulator. Since may in here think Chanyeol and Joy is quite random.

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It takes a little while, but Wufan learns that Baekhyun is basically full of shit. Except a stranger, who was also close to Chanyeol, comes into Baekhyun’s life and is quick to offer an almost suspiciously strong pillar of support. Or maybe that’s just what Wufan had expected – something dirty and quick and rough and something he could easily detach from after it was all finished.

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Choi Seungcheol 22 years old, S. Coups has been dating the cameras since his debut, he keeps on giving them a very dangerous and fatal smile whenever he sees them. First of all, this is Scoups on Seventeen’s stage yesterday: He has been dating them since he made his debut.. He keeps on flirting with them by giving an eye-smile, something that he has been doing since Adore U era.

And during Mansae era, he keeps on saying that he’ll interwine his fingers with theirs as long as he’s blind with love Mansae lyrics And he still dates them throughout the Pretty U era: And during Very Nice era, he uses the one-shot screen times to flirt with them: Scoups and the cameras are really in love with each other, and I’ll end this post with a gif of Scoups winking to the camera in an event that Seventeen attended:


Who put it there? It’s been happening for a month now–one tulip per day. I’ve been trying to come earlier and earlier to class, and yet–I can never find whoever put those tulips on my desk. Not a secret admirer. I jump and try to grab them out of his hands, but he’s too tall for me.

What the hell was the cameraman doing with red velevt so many of the “killing parts” he missed like when a member is singing please zoom on their face and give them airtime thats what was so nice about SNSD cover it was just cute indiviual parts instead of all the zooming and moving they do nowadays EXO Chanyeol, Joonyoung, Snsd.

When You Wake Sehun Broken Records Shownu Firsts and Second Dates Wonho Promises Kihyun about F. He never did when it came to your dates. You learned to enjoy the surprises after dating him for the past three years. Unfortunately, that always left you at a blank when getting dressed for dates. You stand in your walk-in closet, staring blankly at the dresses hung up in the corner. Chanyeol never was one for overly formal dates. You decide to pass on the sparkly and sequined dresses, instead choosing a summery peach pink dress.

On your way to the bathroom you put your hair up in a messy up-do. You only apply mascara and lip gloss, not wanting your face to melt in the summer heat. As you finish applying your lip gloss you could hear Chanyeol at the door.

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Junu, Junseo Sibling rivalry Junu thinks both of his parents love Junseo more because they pay more attention to Junseo and because he is the youngest. Vice versa, Junseo thinks that his parents love his older brother more because Junu is better than Junseo at everything. Junu, Junseo Afraid of dogs brothers Junu and Junseo are both afraid of dogs.

May 10,  · So this is actually based on every chanyeol fans dream,that is to be his lover. I make this vid mostly because I wanna visualize the date with Park Chanyeol and more of .

Credit to gif owner xoxo Baekhyun: Let alone, following him. He was waiting for Sooman to approve his request to go public. However, before going public, Baekhyun wanted to do one thing. You two had been a long enough relationship that he asked to meet your family and after talking it over with your family, you both headed down to see them that weekend. Your insecurities are wrong. There is no one as beautiful as you. He watched the camera man run away from you two and he sighed. You two just spent the last month out at Hawaii to escape the idol life that consumed both of your lives.

However, what neither of you knew was that fans and media caught wind of the rumor of you two in Hawaii and they planned to find out. Plus, we got to spend our three year at such a beautiful place. You kissed him back not hearing the gasps of the fans until they started screaming at you two. You jumped apart and saw fans, yours and his, and media videotaping and photographing you two. He convinced you for a night stroll in your neighborhood.

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He puts the suitcase against the wall and places his coffee mug on top of it. It flickers on, and he gives the lenses a tired, nervous grin. I had a not-so-great flight from L. I want to share this whole experience with every single one of you.

That moment when you caught BAE in the act. Apr 10 exo next door jealous chanyeol is love Sehun is forever bottom jealous chanyeol is love Sehun is forever bottom.

Which, safe to say, is a lot. People either gave him a nod of acknowledgment or struck an immediate conversation once they saw him. But as you watch them dare each other to do the most ridiculous things known to man, you shake your head. You tip your cup back and drain the last bit of alcohol from it. And even though your brain is telling you how stupid Truth or Dare is as a whole, your body is sparking for a different answer.

It wants to play at least one round.

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Maybe Baekhyun loved him, a bit? This is the contract. The kid stuck in the overgrown body.

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Number 16 with Chen please! Fluff You let out a rugged sigh as you shifted amongst the cardboard, careful not to move too much in your confines. But then again, it never really was when beagle line got involved. And well, desperate times call for desperate measures. Just showing up is a surprise enough. It would be fun, they said. Stretching as much as you could in the small space, you exhaled, and nuzzled into the side of the cardboard.

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